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Gift Guide: Apple & Bee For Everyone!

Ok, so you've been inundated with dozens of gift guides all over the web, in your inbox in mailbox. Gift giving is supposed to be fun remember, not stressful! Finding that perfect gift can really bring me joy, and there's nothing like finding more than 1 at the same time. Voila! Found. Apple & Bee makes the most darling organic cotton totes, cosmetic cases, kids satchels and nappy changing pads not to mention cute little coin purses and stationary! They do it all, and I want it all!!! Here's a little sample of my favorites for everyone on your list.

Airmail Tote

Kids Satchel, sooo adorable! Comes in 3 colors!

Embroidered Coin Purse, so sweet!
Kids Cosmetic Bag - for diapers and the like

100% Recycled Cards
Foldout Cosmetic Bag
Men's Cosmetic Tote
And here's what's on my wish list from Apple & Bee

Apples Tote
Elephant Cosmetic Bag

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