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Did You Know?

Did you know?

*Turning off your computer is MUCH better than leaving it on sleep all night long. Seriously. Not sure where you heard the opposite, but it's not true, turn it off at night!

*In California alone 3 MILLION (!) plastic bottles are thrown out each day, yes I said day! Make a difference and stop the trend, use a reusable bottle for gosh sakes!

*You can rent hybrid cars at big name rental places across the country. Aren't you curious to try one yourself!?

*There are 87,000 flights in the US alone each day, ummm hello! Think of all that fuel. WOW

*Most dishwashers use 15 gallons of water per cycle vs. 5 gallons per minutes at the sink, that's per minute, how many minutes do you spend washing dishes, more than 3? I thought so. I wish I had a dishwasher to use! Until then, we keep the water on low and go as quick as we can.

*Almost all mainstream detergents are made with petroleum, ew. Know what's in yours? I do! Switch to a natural brand like Seventh Generation, Method or Mrs. Meyer's.

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