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Stay Green While Fighting The Winter Blues

We all get sick, coughs, colds, flues...and we reach for our tried and true remedies to sooth our discomfort. But it is no time to ditch your green lifestyle! You can sooth your aching body while staying eco-friendly.
Boil some water, pull our your biggest mug and enjoy some Organic cold remedy tea by Yogi Teas their cold remedy blend includes healing herbs cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and clove. Not to mention peppermint for easier breathing, and soothing/coating licorice. Flavored with natural orange, this tea will soothe you all the way to feeling better, or at least happier.

When you wake yourself up coughing, it's time to reach for Boiron's homeopathic Cough Chestal Honey

It works like magic and isn't full of meds
to make you loopy and out of it. Plus if you are taking meds, you don't need to worry, Boiron is homeopathic and doesn't contain anything you need to worry about (for example, many cold/flu remedies contain things you don't need like acetaminophen, or other cold specific meds that may not be doing anything for you) Boiron's cough syrup will help with the following:
Helps loosen thick mucus, relieves dry and painful cough, relieves cough associated with tickling in the throat, hacking cough, we cough and any cough that's bothering you!

You've got no energy to do anything right? Well how often do you get to just be a couch potato? Catch up on Gossip Girl, clear you DVR and wrap yourself in West Elm's Organic Cotton throw and enjoy the pampering!


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Missy said...

Good ideas!
Another thing that might be a good idea is a cool humidifier. Part of the reason that we get so many colds and other nasties in the winter times is because the air is often very dry. Try using a humidifier. If you have animals or young children and are worried about a hot humidifier they make cool ones!
My husband and I have one running all night long and we hardly ever get colds and never have the dry air sore throats!