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Eco-Fashionista: Green and Still Have Money For Dinner!

As ECSTATIC as I am to have my Obama as President Elect, it's going to take little time for our economy to shift where we are all not sacrificing our favorite products, be it food, clothing, shoes, makeup or beauty because of lack of cash.

There has been PLENTY that I have sacrificed this year as a result. I have not bought a new pair of shoes in at least 6 months. I know I buy products from local farmers and cook at home every night. Almost every night. Okay, I only go out to dinner max twice a week. I've put on hold re-decorating my hardly furnished new apartment. These may be trivial changes to some, but every little bit helps.

However, as a woman, the last thing I'm going to sacrifice is my beauty regimen. For some of us, it has taken years to find the perfect shade of lipstick, under eye cream that actually de-puffs or the best facial moisturizer that doesn't cause unsightly breakouts or smells funny! It might be that you currently are trying to find the perfect organic product, but feel like you can't afford to be 'green.' But let me tell you, you don't have to sacrifice organic products just because the economy is bad!

I've recently gone from Dior to Maybelline mascara, and whilst I was in CVS pharmacy, I saw a range of products called Vickery & Clarke Natural Apothecary. They were packaged really beautifully, they smelled delicious, and they were substantially less than, not only other organic products out there, but half the 'normal' brands sold in the store!

Found exclusively at CVS, the Vickery & Clarke Natural Apothecary line is free of parabens, petroleum, SLS, phthalates and other harmful ingredients. As I was shopping at CVS, mad that they were out of my favorite body wash, I decided to pick up their Ginger & Clementine Body Wash ($8.95) to try, as well as their Vitamin A and E Anti-Oxidant Face Serum (my Dr. Dennis Gross MD Skincare $100 for a tiny 1oz of vitamin serum was out, and lord knows I could not afford another one of those bad boys). For $9.95, as far as I can tell, my free radicals were still being fought, and it was lightweight and non-greasy. Perfect for under my moisturizer! Go to to see the entire line of products. If nothing else, get the Detoxifying Bath Soak. Enriched with 99.4% Ginger, an age-old remedy, that will stimulate circulation, allowing your body to sweat our impurities. What could be better than soaking out the old economy, while dreaming about the new one!

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