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Just Say No: To High Fructose Corn Syrup: A Followup

The HFCS post generated a lot of discussion, and I couldn't be happier. I was cleaning through some old magazines and read the 1st edition of GOOD Magazine, which has a great 2 page chart detailing the "Corn-To-Cola" process, here's a recap:

Corn Chain

1. The government supports corn farmers with tax breaks and subsidies
2. The corn is grown from genetically modified seeds
3. The largest buyers of this corn are cattle & chicken feedlots (neither animal naturally eats corn by the way) thus infiltrating genetically modified corn into our meat supply
4. What isn't sold to the cattle and chicken feedlots is converted into High Fructose Corn Syrup, it is then sold to processing companies
5. Coca-Cola takes the HFCS and combines it with other additives (which are secret of course)
6. Americans go ahead and drink that Coca-Cola at an average of 411 servings per year
7. HFCS is also used as sweetener in cereals, fruit juice, salad dressing, snack foods, hot dogs, condiments, seafood, peanut butter, yogurt, bread, bacon and virtually all processed foods in this country

one word: whoa!

Keep the conversation going, tell me what you think about HFCS and how corn is in just about everything.



Missy said...

It's in bread! yes that Wonder bread that all of us had as a child or even an adult before becoming aware of it's nastyness. I believe it's also in Sara Lee. It's in dog food and other pet food, often as the first ingredient. Our pets were not designed to eat like us. Though to be truthful, we aren't designed to eat the way many of us do.

Let's remember also that corn, which used to be maize has been modified for many more years that we think. It was being changed over a hundred years ago by the botanists of that time to produce more. Corn is no longer natural.

Noel said...

I was in Europe for two weeks last year, and did not hold back from eating everything I wanted to eat. Granted, I walked a lot, but my job at home has me walking miles per day as well........and I lost 8 lbs. Why? Because the European markets do not use corn syrup in their products. It's cheaper for the USA and more expensive for them. Gross....