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Number Time

Numbers put things into perspective for us, and GOOD Magazine has put together some astonishing numbers to put the holidays into focus:

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas roughly 20 BILLION cards, letters & packages are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service! Do you're part, hand deliver your gifts if possible, host a gift exchange dinner to hand your friends and loved ones gifts in person. If you're sending far away, send gifts in reused boxes and wrap gifts in old newspapers to protect them while shipping.

30 to 35 MILLION Christmas tress are chopped down during the holidays in the U.S. every year! do your part if you can, purchase a wreath instead, the scent is still amazing and you can enjoy a easier cleanup! If you do want that tree (and I totally understand) make sure it's disposed of properly, many cities have a tree recycling program, look into it.

$23.3 BILLION dollars worth of gift cards were sold during the 2007 holiday season. This is great news as people were able to purchase items they actually wanted instead of having to shelve that homemade itchy sweater or book you'll never read. Another good idea, bite the awkward bullet and just share with your family what you are wishing for this year!

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