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I live in New York City, where access to local, organic, fresh and socially responsible food is almost always easy to find, almost.

Kevin and I have a favorite Chinese restaurant that we just adore, but, we have not been going much at all due to the fact that our favorite dish happens to be a beef dish and since we are trying to stick to our guns (eating meat only where we know it's local, pasture raised and organic if possible) we haven't been going. It's tough because while there are tons of organic and healthy spots in the city, it appears that the ethnic food choices are somehow exempt. So annoying!

There are many vegetarian choices that steer towards Asian fare, but we're craving our favorite beef dish, and to be honest I am just not sure I can recreate it at home.

I have a great book called The Slow Food Guide To New York City, but it's not much help as it doesn't distinguish what about the restaurant makes organic, local or anything. There needs to be a rating system next to each review so we know what makes each one worth visiting!

The search continues...

Anyone else having the same problem in their city?

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Liz said...

I experience the same dilemma when eating at ethnic restaurants. In most cases, I think, if they don't advertise that the meat is ethically and/or locally raised, then it probably isn't.

In that situation, if I don't know the origin of the meat, I just choose the vegetarian option.

If you live near Park Slope or Prospect Heights, there's a great vegan Asian restaurant on Flatbush near Park Ave in called Tao Palate. I'm not sure where they source all of their other ingredients, but at least you don't have to worry about where the animal products come from, because there aren't any!