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You all know my love for jars, I have them all over my apartment, and even used them as decor in my wedding, so it's no surprise that I use them for storage in my kitchen!

Buy a pack of Ball jars, or just collect them from your used jam, sauce and pickle jars. Use them to store your leftovers, buy in bulk and dole out your goods for easier daily use. They are economical due to the lack of staining (I had to toss a old Tupperware when it was stained with tomato sauce a few weeks back) and reusability. Not to mention how spiffy they look on display.


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Missy said...

I'm a huge fan of jars as well. I use them in the bathroom mostly for cotton balls and other like stuff. I have recently saved the juice jars from organic juice I love and put my little dogs food in it. That way it's easier to poor our. It doesn't get stale. As soon as I have more available I'm going to put kitty food in them.