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Pasture Raised Turkey Day

For those non-vegetarians out there counting the days until Thanksgiving, rest assure, you can have your pasture raised Turkey and eat it too. This is the opportunity to support a family farm that gives their turkeys good lives, letting them roam in the sunshine, eating what they would eat normally (that which is on pasture of course)

There are many health benefits to eating pasture raised turkey this year:

*Less fat, less calories: Because the birds are free to roam, they gain muscle and are healthier

*More Omega 3 fatty acid (the good kind!)

*More CLA (Conjungated Linoleic Acid, the type of fat that has been proven to help fight cancer as well as converting fat to lean muscle in our bodies

*Increased amounts of beta-carotene (found in the grass they eat, instead of the grains they are forced to consume on large scale factory farms) beta-carotene is known to help reduce cancer risk

*More Vitamin E which helps boost the immune system and decreases the risk of heart disease

If you're not sure where to find a local, pasture raised Turkey and learn about the benefits choosing pasture raised meat/poultry/eggs/dairy, check out these links, you can order straight from the website! Better yet, do your own research and find a local farm you can support.

Apple Cheek Farms

Good Earth Farms

Local Harvest

Eat Wild

(Image: AppleCheek Farms)

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