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Quote of the Day: Real Food

" Organic is legally defined. It means the food was produced without synthetic fertilizer, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients, and irradiation. Organic does not mean animals were grass-fed or pastured (raised on pasture). Organic beef, pork, and poultry eat organic grain, but most commercial versions are not raised on grass, or their access to pasture is minimal. Conversely, grass-fed and pastured don't mean animals were raised to organic standards, but the grass farmer who uses antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or genetically engineered foods is rare. The label natural says nothing about the animal's diet. It means the product contains no artificial flavor or color, chemical preservative or any other artificial ingredient. This weasley term is widely used. According to the USDA, "all fresh meat" qualifies as "natural.""

-Nina Planck, Real Food

So, while it's wonderful to support the organic way of eating, remember it's our responsibility to know what we are buying, down to the label. Any questions, please feel free to leave your comments, I am happy to answer, look up and delve further into this topic. I will continue to bring you details to help your shopping experience go a bit more smoothly as well.


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