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Organic Baby

As you may know I am having a baby this summer, and as my husband and I embark on all things baby we are applying our green sensibilities to this pregnancy & this baby's future.

The importance of organic produce, meats and breads has never been more apparent. Everything I eat or apply to my body is going straight to my baby, any toxin, chemical or pesticide too. That being said, I've indulged in organic and homemade goodies, stayed away from processed foods as much as possible and allowed myself to spend a few extra when it comes to my babies needs.

That brings me to buying for baby. We've been stocking up and researching all the baby gear we'll need come August. I've realized that unless you have money to spare you've got to choose your battles and make some decisions early on about what issues you are going to stand strong on and which you can "afford" to let slide. For example, I would just love to surround my baby with organic toys (all made of wood and organic fair traded fabrics of course), eco-friendly diapers & wipes, pure and natural skin care products and only the best planet approved fabrics (organic cotton, bamboo and hemp). But....well, it's not going to happen unfortunatly and I am sure many of my readers can relate to having to make those choices when it comes to where to spend your hard earned dollars. So my husband and I have been weighing the lists, the pros and cons and we've come up with a system that I think will work for us. Here's a rough version:

(In order of importance)

1. All natural & organic skincare products (diaper rash cream, soaps, creams etc)
2. Mommy eating whole food, natural ingredients and of course organic so breast milk is a pure as possible
3. Organic newborn attire
4. Organic crib sheets & blankets
5. BPA free pacifier/bottles
6. No VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint for nursery
7. Natural chemical free diaper wipes
8. Natural material toys
9. Eco-friendly diapers

So, that's pretty much our mental pecking order of where to spend our money. We've been springing for organic baby clothes and other eco-friendly choices, but as we get closer to the birth we'll be stocking up on natural and pure baby gear. I thought I'd bring some of my favorite baby clothes brands, whether or not you have a child of your own, a gift to give or someone in your life to pass this information on to.

Kate Quinn Organics- So many beautiful colors, all in soft hues, perfect to surround your little one all year round. We've picked up some infant sacs and I'm already eyeing their crib sheets & receiving blankets.

Speesees- Tons of beautiful and organic baby apparel! Kevin and I snagged an adorable red onsie with a giraffe on the front last weekend! I am loving their bibs and kimonos.

Kee-Ka- Kee-Ka couldn't be cutier! What a great gift, they've got the sweetest images from a cupcake, monkey to a little peanut adorning their scrumptious organic cotton apparel, blankets, towels and bedding...oh I just love the monkey. Kevin and I scored a 'Honeybunny' onesie for just a few bucks at Still Hip, a used baby store in Brooklyn.

Fig Kids- Fig Kids has such great stuff, great colors and all organic of course! I'm madly in love with their baby blankets and the baby board shorts.

There are tons more brands, so stay tuned as I continue to stock up!


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