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Go Green in 7 Days

In my 7 day Go Green series, I've been wanting to add a tip about growing your own food, while I've mentioned growing herbs before I really do want to find a way to go fruits and vegetables while maintaining the city life we all love. Well my prayers were answered with my morning Daily Candy email. I had to share it with all you city dwellers out there desperate for home grown goods.

Regalia Raised Garden Box

It is specially designed for us city folk who don't have our own soil to till. This kit can change your life! You've gotta get your own wood and use their instructions to make your own box (using the provided brackets and screws), this way you can make it whatever size you want. At first I was unsure about the idea of gathering my own wood, but now that I understand how important it is to be able to custom size your box it makes so much more sense.

Once you've done that, toss in some soil (organic OF COURSE), seeds and sit back and plan your next meal...

Check out their site for more details


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