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Feeling Under The Weather?

There's an increasing amount of research being done linking diet to allergies. Allergy symptoms appear to be worse in those whose diets lack certain nutrients. If you're experiencing allergies this time of year, instead of reaching for the allergy meds alone, maybe it's time to bolster your nutritional intake with these easy additions:

Probiotics: Can be found in yogurt and fermented foods. Probiotics replenish the beneficial bacterial in your intestines. There are lots of brands out there now that boast their "live culture count" so it should be easy to stock up no this one

Quercetin & Bromelain: Can be found in onions, pineapples, apples, green tea, red wine and leafy greens. They are said to support a healthy histamine response. Enough said!

Vitamin C: Can be found in peppers, citrus, watermelon and dark leafy greens. Obviously eating those are better than taking a supplement, so get to the farmer's market and fill your bag! Vitamin C is said to help regulate the release of histamine.

Vitamin E: Can be found in whole grains, nuts & seeds, dark leafy greens, eggs, expeller-pressed vegetable oils and sweet potatoes. Vitamin E has been said to reduce the risk of hay fever.

In addition to that laundry list of nutrients, load up on products that contain olive leaf, black currant seed and grape seed.


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