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No Garden? Don't Fret!

This Earth Day you may be lamenting like me about not having a backyard or garden to spend the day working in. Never fear, the world is made for all of us. And while we all knew we could grow small planters, did you also know you can grow tomatoes in our tiny little apartment?

I've found a few great options for those of us who are looking to grow our own, reduce the toxins in the house and have something pretty to look at.

Looking to grow a ton of fresh herbs? Well instead of using tons of small little pots that you've got to move around one by one to follow the sunshine, splurge and pick up this recycled planter on wheels by Food Map Design. In addition to being on wheels, the planter is contoured to allow better water drainage so you won't end up killing the little guys before they've had a chance to grace your latest kitchen creations.

Sur La Table
has a beautiful bucket full of tomatoes for only $35 bucks! this baby provides mini tomatoes all year round, there's nothing mini about that.

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Soyun said...

The bucket full of tomatoes sound really nice. I wish i'd find one here.