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I just love when a huge store like Target takes on a green line, it means the masses will have the chance to sample the eco-wares I sometimes take for granted. Target has teamed up with MIO to create a line of garden ready products to ease you into Spring. MIO has a passion for sustainability, mix that with their love of design and you've got a line to drool over.

The line includes:

*Gardening Tools $7.99 each
*Solar Garden Lights (2 pack) $29.99
*Portable Hammock (my personal favorite) $59.99
*Watering Can $24.99
*Herbs (and container) $12.99
*Composter $99.99

As we head into Spring, I say you pick up a few gardening tools, a bright colored watering can and the portable hammock of course! You've gotta sit back and enjoy your garden don't you?? The line launches April 12th, so check out the Target website or hit up your local spot this Sunday!


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Atelier de Soyun said...

They looks great and more importantly, I bet when I use them I feel awesome. Thanks for sharing this. I love to go green also.