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Do Some Good This Earth Day

Doing good for the planet has a ripple effect no doubt. The health of all of us depends on the air quality, the purity of our water and the abundance of natural resources. Why not tackle another aspect of doing good this Earth Day by donating instead of tossing your gently used wares. By doing this you are giving new life to something that took fuel to deliver, energy to make, packaging to store etc. Here are some tips on where to get rid and feel good at the same time,

Donating Clothing & Housewares:

Goodwill: Most branches will actually pick up furniture or large donations of clothing. Click here to find a local branch.

The Salvation Army: Click here to find a local branch and donate away!

Dress For Success: All you ladies out there, got an old suit you just don't wear anymore, donate to Dress For Success, who then gives them to women trying to get into the work place. Great idea! Click here to find out how.

Donating Children's Items:

Got old baby items you no longer need? This great organization can help, Newborns In Need. You can donate gently used items including small toys, blankets and clothing. Click here for information.

Donating Books:

Fill schools in need with library books. There's nothing as important as education. click here to find out ow at

Donating Food:

Do a sweep of your cabinets and donate unexpired food to your local food bank, and hey next time you're at the market, toss a few extra cans of food in your basket. Click here to find your local branch by zip code.


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