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Valentine's Lovies from Branch Home

So I am kind of not into most holidays (the forced gift giving, card writing, weird religious traditions etc.) but with a 17 month old in my life my hubby and I decided to give holidays a go this time around and make sure Juliette has wonderful memories of holiday crafts, foods and little prezzies. So we are doing it up this year! I already have a wonderful gift idea for Kevin, phew. I've been wanting to start a tradition for Juliette of making her heart shaped little pillows out of fabrics I collect here and there. Yesterday during a particularly long nap I sewed my first with fabric scraps I had collected in the South of France years ago. It came out wonderful! Next I might add some dried lavender to give it a soothing aroma while my little bunny sleeps peacefully.

Are you doing Valentine's this year? Bake something special! Splurge and get your sweetie a massage or manicure at their favorite spa. Make them breakfast in bed, pick up some beautiful potted plans and display them all over the house on Valentine's morning. We are doing gifts this year and I wanted to include some sweet little finds I have found over the past few weeks online too. Here they are:

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Couple Series Pillow

Lovely critter  in a nursery or perched on a bookshelf

Dove Stamp Set


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