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For a Wishy Washy Wash... {Review}

Wishy Wash $20
Little Miss Juliette takes a bath almost every night, not cause she smears black beans in her hair and guacamole all over her face (well maybe that's the reason) but simply because she loves the bath. She loves splashing with her toys, discovering how the water feels in her fingers and toes. While's it is her job to splash, play and enjoy herself, it's mine to lather her up and make sure she comes out my clean little bunny.

I received a bottle of Baby Bear Shop's 'Wishy Wash' in the mail to try out and we used it last night for the first time in her bath. Not only did she adore the little bunny on the label (she kissed it!) but she loved the soothing scent, a soft citrus. I loved how clean she got and how sweet she smelled even this morning when I picked her up from her crib.

Ingredients include; sunflower seed oil, nettle leaf extract, calendula flower extract, aloe and orange oil.

The cutest thing though is the darling little message printed on the bottle:

For a wishy washy wash
with your teeny tiny bunny
put a teensy bit of wash
on a soft squishy cloth

Put the soft squishy cloth
on the teeny tiny bunny
from the bunny's tiny tips
to the bunny's tiny toes

Sing a silly singing song
make a wishy wash wish
then wishy was the bunny
and end with a kiss!

They also sell lovely products for mama to be as well. Certified USDA organic, darling packaging, wonderful scents and affordable. The company products another type of product that I love, multi-use. That cuts down on cost to the consumer (you don't need to buy tons and tons of products) and is better for the environment, less packaging! Their 'Cheeky Baby Butter' can be used to slather up baby + mama in a multitude of spots!

For more information check out their website + blog 


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