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Flopsy Mopsy Cottontail + Peter {Review}

 Each night we read Juliette the story of Peter Rabbit. He is a curious little one just like my little girl. What better inspiration for a line of 100% organic baby food that comes in easy to squeeze little pouches. Little hands can take them on the go as they explore the world. Each one is a delicious combination of fruits + vegetables and packs a nutritional punch too. Easy to reseal with their tops and easy to toss around (no glass jars!). Juliette hasn't mastered the art of squeezing them into her mouth yet, but we hope someday soon. I have seen little darlings around town squeezing them with ease so I know it's possible!

Peter Rabbit Organics only source organic (USDA certified) ingredients and when possible use local suppliers in Oregon (the US division of the UK company) Oh and pouches are BPA free, one less thing to worry about.

Oh and another thing, despite the adorable little bunny rabbit on the packaging these are great snacks for adults when you hiking, biking or eating on the go. Seriously.

You can find the pouches all over at Starbucks, Babies R Us, Amazon, REI and many more!

Here are the flavors:

Corn/Apple/Sweet Potato


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Annie said...

so sweet, makes ME want some!!