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Eco Mama Mariah Reviews: Leap Organics {Leap Organics}

Leap Organics, a conscious, fantastically concocted skin-care line. Eco Mama Mariah approves! I can't tell you how important it is for a company to get & complete their Organic certification, know the difference between natural and organic, make their packaging look damn good and totally sustainable, and have a whimsical start-up story. Go Leap and you'll never turn back. I work at Whole Foods and they have landed a very prominent spot on our shelves, good for them! 

I have been searching for a new facial cleanser for many months, and finally have alighted on a new love: the Organic facial cleanser: Sweet Orange and Grapefruit with Cucumber and Green tea. Retail: $15.

I find it to be a perfect super-clean cleanse, a sweet smell, hence the sweet orange and grapefruit. If you love citrus, crave the crisp spring feeling citrus embodies, then this product will love you too!
It's very emollient, suds well despite the non-presence of sulfates, and only requires a tiny pea size portion to get the job done beautifully. I am guessing it will last me 6+ months, which is fantastic on your budget!! More apples for your bushel.

The Organic Standards the company follows are in the top rankings. (following excerpt is posted on their site and can be read

"...In order to have your ingredients and products certified organic, a company must enlist the services of an organic certifier. These folks are third parties that verify that a company’s ingredients and processes have met all of the USDA’s organic guidelines. LEAP uses Oregon Tilth to certify its organic ingredients and processes in accordance with the USDA’s guidelines. Oregon Tilth is one of the nation’s leading organic certifying agencies. To learn more about them, please visit"

I love the opening lines of the "our story" part of their includes a beautiful nod to Maine (you know it, I love Maine!!)

"...For a lot of things in life, my Dad has always been there with good advice when I needed it: “Ignore those kids — your ears aren’t big, your head is just small,” and sure enough my head grew, eventually making my ears look smaller (kind of); “Read some Hemingway, focus on your writing, and practice those Mikan drills,” and I ended up getting into my favorite college in Maine to play basketball and befriended a couple classic novels; “Create a soap that doesn’t dry-out and make my skin itch.” Huh?
Sitting on our favorite beach on Cape Cod with my Mom and sis’, I asked my Dad if he was serious or kidding about his soap comment. “Half kidding,” he said. So while I had never thought about making soap before, let alone an entire skincare line, my Dad’s quasi-serious piece of advice would turn out to be quite serendipitous..."
So please, go try it and tell me your story! I have a good feeling many people will love this product and keep upping the ante on organic knowledge.

As Always, love from
 Eco-Mama Mariah in Maine

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