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Dan Eldon + Toms Shoes = Heartbreakingly Amazing

a sample of Dan Eldon's amazing work

Dan Eldon's amazing journals
That is the ACTUAL thumbprint of Dan Eldon. Wow.

"Journey is The Destination" written all over the shoe. A Dan Eldon quote.

About 10 years ago I stumbled upon a gorgeous collection of scrapbook style art from artist and photojournalist Dan Eldon. His work fascinated me on many levels. I had always loved that messy style of scrapbooking and combining art techniques. I loved his use of painting, photography, drawing and found art all together in one. He created these amazing journals of his travels and opening one was like taking a journey yourself. They were heartbreaking in their beauty and emotionally strong in their ability to show you the world. Dan Eldon was killed during a protest in Mogadishu.

I have a few of his books (art books) and have given them as heartfelt gifts to many. His work lives on via his family on this amazing website and as I just discovered through my new favorite shoe company Toms Shoes. I was gifted a pair for Christmas and they are my new favorite! The story behind the line is simple, they make amazing shoes, stylish and comfortable, and for each pair you purchase a pair is purchase for a child in need of shoes. What could be better than that!

You can imagine my smile when I stumbled across this bit of information on the Toms Shoes website while I was checking out their kids line for Juliette (which is adorable by the way). Take a moment to see this line inspired my the spirited life of Dan Eldon. His work is amazing and these shoes are a great tribute to his life and passions. You simply must check them out.

My eyes are tearing just thinking about how proud he would be to be apart of a company that donated a pair of shoes for each one purchased. I think I might need a new pair...


(Images of Dan Eldon's work straight from and shoe pictures are from


Annie said...

I can only imagine Juliette in Tiny Toms!

sassy mia said...

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Lindsay said...


And Sassy, love your site too! :)