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Finger Paints {Review}

Problem: nail polish looks great but is often SO full of horrid chemicals (ie ones like formaldehyde)
Solution: Scotch Naturals

If only all my problems were this easy. I paint my toes, and have for god knows how many years. I feel naked without them done. But I hate using the toxic ingredients that seem to come with most nail polishes (yes ladies, even the nice ones they have in salons). When I was pregnant I started using a natural nail polish and natural nail polish remover. While I liked them both I didn't love the boring color. I was overjoyed when a package arrived in the mail from Scotch Naturals containing the super of the moment shade Heather Blush. They sent me the color to review, yay!

Scotch Naturals nail polish is a totally non-toxic line that comes in 13 stellar shades that dry to a high gloss in mere minutes (without base or top coat!) but they actually help restore your nails to their former beauty. You know, before you ruined them with lots of crappy chemical polishes. Score. Oh and they make nail polish remover too, so no need to worry.

The package insert warns that if you're nails are super dry (as mine are) the polish may chip and peel off, but to persevere with the polish and over time I won't have that problem anymore!

I think I'll be trying the shade Kiltlifter next. Very cheeky name don't you think.

Go right to their site to check more colors out for yourself.


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