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Baby Branches

Kevin and I are back from our amazing 2 week honeymoon in Hong Kong! We had a killer time, enjoyed every second of it....

I am happy to report the eco-movement which continues to build steam here in the US has also had quite an impact in Asia. I saw reusable bags everywhere, SIGG bottles for sale at high end department stores and loads of natural skincare available at the drug store. Having lived there for years, I can vouch that this is a change from how it was in the 90's, and what a great change it is! I'll be blogging all week about the eco-friendly choices I saw (and didn't see) while overseas. Stay tuned...

I am excited to share some news...Kevin and I are having a little eco-baby of our own this summer! We are so excited to embark on this adventure. As my eco-mama has written about on this blog before, growing baby green is and will be the wave of the future, and I intend on getting on that wave!

I look forward to engaging the untapped world of an eco-friendly pregnancy which will both protect the environment and my baby. I can't wait to hand pick each and everything that will surround my little one and help them grow. Oh what fun!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!!!!!

Lakelandmom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wish you all the very best! I know your eco-baby will be proud to have you as his/her eco-mama!!!

Even though I didn't know it at the time, I was eco-minded back in 1989 through 1997 when I used cloth diapers on all four of my children! Of course, I used the disposables as a back-up for certain situations, but 80% of all the diapers I went through were the old fashioned cloth ones...yep, all that washing and everything! FYI - it CAN be done. My pediatrician always remarked how amazed they were that I was using the cloth diapers whenever they saw them for routine visits. They never had rashes at all. It's true, I was the odd-ball, but I didn't care.

I'm sure you're already thinking diapers and feedings as the two # 1 ways to be eco-friendly, but I wanted to share my experience as a form of encouragement. I wouldn't trade the cloth diaper experience or the breastfeeding twins for anything in the world!

I am guilty, though, of using store-bought baby food for my first child. I was only 18 and everyone told me natural food was too harsh for baby, so I bought into it. Then I learned the truth! For my second, third and fourth, they NEVER had the first jar of store bought baby food. I got alot of miles out of an old blender I'd gotten as a wedding present and just pureed my own baby food. I don't think it can be proved that their baby food had anything to do with it, but here's a fact: My store-bought baby food baby is much less healthier than my homemade baby food babies! And that's the truth!

I guess for me back then the main reason for those decisions was more financially motivated than eco-related, but hey, the reasons aren't as important as the affect! : ) Just thought you could use some encouragement from someone with ALOT of experience! lol