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LUSH Loves Seals (and so do I)

LUSH cosmetics, a lovely brand full of deliciously scented skin, hair and bath products has stepped up their commitment to the world around them and are standing strong against seal hunting with their Save Our Seals campaign. LUSH is no stranger to world issues, they carry a ton of vegan products (their non-vegan products include ingredients such as honey and yogurt)and have had many campaigns bringing attention to causes in the past. Their latest cause is an emotional one for sure.

They've partnered with The Sea Shepard Organization (love them!) and are working together with them to bring attention to this form of animal cruelty. You can do your part by picking up their lovely body lotion called Charity Pot. The full proceeds (including tax!) go to Sea Shepard to help with their anti animal cruelty efforts.

If you're not jonesing for some body lotion but could use a nice warm bubble bath pick up their First Swim Limited Edition bubble bar. 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Sea Shepard Organization of course!

While you're on the site, sign the petition and make a difference. Send the petition to friends and shop for a cause! What better justification do you need to treat yourself to some lovely skincare products (not to mention a much deserved bubble bath).

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