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Go Green in 7 days

I've been blogging for over a year now, dishing out my eco-tips and interesting things I've learned and discovered along the way, but I think it's time to simplify things and focus on what ALL of us can do in just 1 week to really change the way our lives are running. To alter the eco-path we are currently on and to hopefully start a trend with yourself, your family and of course your friends. I may repeat tips I've mentioned here before, just take that as me hammering it's importance home!

Day 1:

Take a look around, what do you do for the planet? If you can think of a few things, that is great, keep that going. But it is time to take stock of what you do for the planet and what you can be doing, step it up basically! So for day 1 of my 'Go Green in 7 days' challenge, I urge you to take stock, look around at the choices you make when it comes to your skin/haircare, food/drink, recycling habits and cleaning products. I know that even the most eco-concious individual does something they may not realize is harming the environment (or something that they can do a little better, something that would have a smaller eco-footprint). What is that thing? Can you think of a way to change that bad habit/choice?

Tomorrow we'll focus on some easy ways to make those first steps, but it's important to know what you currently do. So go ahead, investigate yourself.


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