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Daily Eco: Spring Cleaning

As Spring approaches we all find it time to do the obligatory 'Spring Cleaning'. What better time to clear out the old and ring in the new! Open those windows, air out your home and enjoy the fresh start. Don't forget to donate your gently used clothing, electronics & furniture to your local thrift stores/charity organizations. In this horrible economy (yes I am sick of discussing it too, there are other things going on in the world!)it's important to make sure those items you don't want anymore go to someone who can really use them.

Once you've cleaned out, it's time to clean up. Take stock of your cleaning products and consider investing in more planet friend lines. Great ones include Mrs.Meyer's, Good Home, and Method. The prices are comparable to chemical laden big name brands and in my opinion work ten times better. Make the switch to 100% recycled paper towels an pick up a few wash clothes and you're on your way to planet friendly Spring cleaning bliss...


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