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Meat Myths

I was recently sent a link to "Eat this, Not That" (linked to the Women's Health magazine website, love that magazine!). The article I was sent focused on decoding meat label myths. I've mentioned a lot of this on the blog before, such as when you see 'Natural' that really means nothing since the word is not regulated by the government and anyone can use it on their products...

Here are some of the highlights, cut and pasted directly for your reading pleasure...

The Claim: "Free Range"

The Truth: If the claim conjures images of healthy birds roaming freely about rolling hills, feasting on nature's delicacies, think again. Technically, free-range chickens must have access to the outdoors for at least 51 percent of their lives, but the USDA, which approves each manufacturer's "free-range" claim on a case-by-case basis, does not strictly define "outdoors." The term could mean anything from idyllic open acreage to a puny pen. Guess which is true for the majority of free-range chickens available in supermarkets?

The Claim: "Organic"

The Truth: The organic chicken industry has grown wildly in recent years. Big Agriculture has seen the potential profit boon of charging an average of 100% percent more for organic chickens, and they have secured the coveted (and often pricey) USDA stamp for what some activists argue are less-than-reputable practices. Look for two certification stamps-the Secretary of Agriculture seal and the USDA Organic seal-confirming that the animals were fed organic feed and had access to pasture.

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The bottom line is to research what you eat! The beef Kevin and I purchase from our local health food store is delicious grass fed beef. The package explains where their farm is and I've been to the website and you can visit if you want! Any farm willing to have their customers visit is sticking up for their label claims....If you find this troublesome, look into purchasing your meat in bulk from an online purveyor that you trust, there are so many online now. Worth the shipping cost!


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