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Earth Hour: 29 Days To Go....

You may remember Earth Hour from last year, when we all turned our lights/electricity off for 1 hour....(you all may also remember I was cutting garlic by candlelight and cut myself too! This year we're cooking before the lights go out!). Well Earth Hour is approaching us again. Here are some great stats to get you revved up:

10 million—total combined readership for magazines committed to running Earth Hour advertisements over the coming month. Includes: Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic, Oprah Magazine, Allure, J14, Health, Family Circle.
746,698—unique visitors to
105,727—registered participants on the Earth Hour US website to date.
48,000—letters sent to elected officials asking for action on climate change via the Earth Hour website.
29,000—number of times the official Earth Hour video has been viewed on YouTube in the past 90 days. Average is 1,500 views a day.
1,000—new friends signing up to WWF's Facebook page each day as a result of Earth Hour.
8,000—blogs mentioning Earth Hour to date.
4,314—unique visitors to the site.
200—stories about Earth Hour on prominent online sources in the US (not including blogs). Highlights include Huffington Post, Boston Globe, Sprig and Blender.
78—countries taking part in Earth Hour. Nearly 700 cities have already signed up.
75—TV news stories in the US featuring Earth Hour.
29—number of days to Earth Hour.
28—US cities now pledged to turn out for Earth Hour.
20—seconds that elapse before someone new views the Earth Hour video.
7—seconds that elapse before "Earth Hour" is mentioned somewhere on the web.
4—US TV networks planning coverage.

I'll be sure to bring you more Earth Hour coverage as the hour gets closer. In the meantime start planning a fun little evening in the dark with your friends and/or loved one.

ps. I've been seeing Earth Hour ads in Hong Kong!


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Lakelandmom said...

Make that 746,699 unique visitors, 105,728 registered participants, 48,001 letters sent to elected officials, and 8,001 blogs mentioning Earth Hour. I added it to