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Deforestation in the Amazon

80% of Amazon Destruction can be blamed on Cattle Ranching. ie EATING MEAT

Yep, it's sadly become more common knowledge. Check out the rest of the article for more details.


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Lakelandmom said...

I read all the comments on the planetsave website. While I am a meat-eater, it does seem pretty stupid to destroy the earth for profit. I grew up on a beef farm in Michigan and if we wanted meat, we raised it. We NEVER bought meat. Ever. Maybe the solution is if you want it, you raise it. One or two cows and pigs for personal consumption only would not have the impact that the commercial meat industry is causing.

It's too bad everyone doesn't realize that not every action we take has to have a harmful effect on the planet.

Thanks for sharing the news, it really brings it home.