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#5 Recycling Breakthrough: Rejoice!

I've blogged here before about #5 recycling and what a chore it is to stash our #5's up for months until we have a free Saturday morning to take the sac over to The Park Slope Coop. They only do it on select Saturdays and we always seem to miss the day. The piles keep stacking (we go through a lot of Trader Joe's salsa, sour cream & yogurt). Well the waiting is over! I just finished reading an article regarding Whole Foods relationship with Preserve products. Preserve makes deliciously colorful kitchen, dining & bathroom products including colanders, toothbrushes & cutting boards. They make these products out of #5 recyclables that would otherwise head to the landfill because most cities don't accept them in their recycling programs.

So, what does this mean? You can drop off your #5's at Whole Foods when you do your shopping! While it was great visiting the Park Slope Coop, it is even better than I can bring my plastic more often to a more convenient location. Not to mention the rest of you who may have never found a place to drop your # 5's! Rejoice!

Here's a helpful list of #5's to get you going (but of course you can always look at the bottom for the number)

* Cottage cheese
* Yogurt
* Cream cheese
* Ricotta cheese
* Margarine
* Hummus
* Medicine bottles
* Some plastic ice cream containers
* Food storage and take-out containers

Go Preserve! Go WholeFoods!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the line of Preserve products at whole foods, and on their website.


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Lakelandmom said...

I hope it catches on and spreads like wildfire! Thanks for sharing.