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Happy New Year: Eco-Resolutions

As you're mulling over your resolutions today over a big brunch, consider the environment and the impact you can have this year. Here are some more ideas to get you started:

*Mend your clothing instead of running out to buy more, even if the new clothes are eco-friendly!

*When you travel this year, purchase carbon offsets at TerraPass to help offset the fuel burned on your flight to paradise

*Sign up to help organizations spread the word and make the chance in government at sites like

*Have a potluck dinner instead of going out, this way you can control the ingredients, make it an "Organic Pot Luck" and serve delicious Organic vodka cocktails (with Square One) and biodynamic wines, like from Benziger Winery.

*Purchase energy star appliances when you shop this year, they are better for the environment and your wallet

*Cutdown on paper waste, go in on a magazine subscription with a friend or neighbor, share the cost and the magazine!

More to come...

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