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Part of loving the world around us is noticing it's beauty. We can't begin to save the planet if we aren't madly in love with the world around us right!

While we trudge through winter, counting the days till we see blades of grass again, flowers peaking through the concrete (for us city kids) and feel the warmth of the sunshine again we can seek beauty out in other ways. I've been checking in with a few amazing blogs for a while now, all of which are inspirational both in their content and their beauty. Here are some of my favorite:

Go ahead, inspire yourself!

Nordljus - a delicious photographers view of food, farms & life. Complete with mouth watering recipes to get you running to the market

Oh Joy!
- a stunning page after page list of ideas for your fashion sense, home style and of course lifestyle.

This Is Love Forever - a winding path through DIY projects and other inspirational ideas such as landscape snapshots and home decor.

What are your inspirational sites, where do you go for a window into a world you want to live in? Do tell...

(Images all came from the above mentioned blogs)

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