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The Composting Diaries

Well, it's been a few weeks of NOTHING. Kevin and I have been regularly checking our compost, and it's turned lighter in color, isn't digesting food and is basically churning around the same stuff over and over. We're upset and confused. The manual that comes with it is NO help, they basically say "it will work" and if it doesn't "start over" well we'd like to know what went wrong. Our theory is that the soil we scored from the tree plot on our block didn't have adequate cultures living in it. Snow currently covers the ground and we're not even sure where to get soil with active cultures living in the city. AH! Next theory, since putting it on the balcony, we think it's been too cold for it, and we're looking into that.

I've written an email to the company asking for help, and am working on more research. So for the time being, stay tuned....

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Lakelandmom said...

Was anything at all growing where you took your soil from? If so, it is 'live' and is fine.

Does your compost machine have enough oxygen? When a compost pile runs out of oxygen there is a major shift in the biology and chemistry within the pile.

You're onto something with the temperature, too. The bacteria cannot do their thing if it's too cold. Have you tried wrapping it in an insulating jacket like the type used on water heaters?

I'm no pro, just looking up some stuff online to see if it will help you.

Good luck, and keep us posted!