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Define: Composting

Composting: The decomposition of once-living & plant remains. When decomposed the matter turns into an earthy & dark substance that is wonderful for enriching garden soil and houseplants. It is a wonderful way of recycling kitchen waste and keeping that waste out of landfills.

Composting can be done in many ways, some opt for a compost pile in their backyards, compost bins or an automatic composting like I have.

Composting has been done for centuries as a way to turn waste into useful material.


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Lakelandmom said...

I want so badly to have a composting bin exactly like this one...ah, but alas, I am a renter. I have the backyard space, but I don't know how my neighbors would react. If any other apartment dwellers have any feedback on having a composting bin on rental property, I'd be very grateful for the feedback! Thanks.