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Stop picking up the paper on your way to work only to toss it before you exit the train station (for you urban dwellers). Read the paper online! It's not a hard switch, especially for those of us with Internet accessible phones with us. Podcasts can keep you in tune with your favorite news program too, anything to lessen the paper usage.

Also, I've said this before, share your magazines, don't read and toss, read and share! I bring my old magazines down to the building lobby and leave them for my neighbors. I save a few for friends and family too. Magazines may only cost a few bucks, but everyone loves a free gift!

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Lakelandmom said...

Very valuable advice.

I only buy the Sunday paper, for the coupons and sale papers. I never throw newspaper in the trash...I always find a use for it. Inevitably, a friend will stop by and help themselves to my 'stash' for shipping, crafts, whatever.

After I look through the sale papers I save them and my kids use them to create 'wish lists' for birthdays and other holidays. They cut out the pictures of the items they like and keep a notebook full so I never have to wonder what to get them!

I go through the coupons and clip what I want, then I take them to work and give them to my co-worker. She gets what she wants and passes them on to her friends and family. By the time they get to the trash can, there are only the borders left!

As for magazines, I never buy new. I 'rescue' them from yard sales and thrift stores and I use them in crafts, donate to my kids' art class, anything but the landfill.

Saving anything from the landfill gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I get a 'high' when I turn trash into treasure! : )