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Rainy Eco Day

So, it's a rainy day in New York City today, and I was wondering what's an eco-gal to do to eco-fy her rain gear?

Well, while not extremely practical, I did come across a great eco-invention I just had to share:

The concept is use what you can find along with the handy dandy naked umbrella, haven't you seen tons of people running through the streets with a newspaper over their head, well they would be happy to have this I am sure!

Now, onto more practical items, Brelli makes a stunningly gorgeous (dare I say that about an umbrella!) one that's a must check out! Their tag line says it all, "it's chic, functional, and, of course environmentally responsible." Oh and if that wasn't enough, their website was designed and built by a fully solar powered graphic design studio! The website isn't too shabby either.

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