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Eco Mama: The Dirty Dozen

no, not eggs, but foods, 12 of them! oh so dirrttyyy.
As I am preparing to feed Siena her first solid foods, I have been reading several articles in magazines, online and in books about foods and what to feed a little precious. This includes the following two books, as I find I abide by them pretty closely.(not fully, but closely) A breastfeeding book written by the woman who introduced La Leche league to Germany, 'Breastfeeding Naturally' by Hannah Lothrop and the book by the anthropop doctor Dr. W Zur Linden, 'A Child Is Born' published by the Rudolf Steiner Press. I am still not ready to fully introduce foods to Siena as she is 5 months old, and can't sit up on her own yet. She is beginning to show some interest in food, but not enough for me to feed her. (her two bottom teeth poked thru on wed/Thursday Sept 3/4th!) Even through the presence of teeth sometimes coincides with a baby wanting to eat, I want her to be able to sit up first. The two books I just mentioned suggest waiting until 6 months, and I totally agree. They also say organic is best all the way. So, hence I won't be taking the pediatrician's advice to begin solids at 5 months. (Pediatricians always seem to suggest feeding at 4 1/2- 5months) I have let her taste banana and apple, but not more than a pinkie fingernail portion...She makes a face like she ate a lemon, and her thrusting reflex is still in full effect so the food comes out more than goes in.

So, as I continue down my path of organic fruits and veggie consumption, I must draw attention to this list, as published in American Baby, Sept 2008, article "What to Buy Organic". These are the top items to watch out for, I mean, eat them organically! they are the most contaminated by pesticides. (think: skin on fruit/veggie, probably not safe as pesticides "lay" in the skin, like out skin protects our innards)
1. potatoes
2. apples

3. pears
4. sweet bell peppers
6. nectarines
7. strawberries
8. cherries
9. lettuce
10. grapes (imported) 11. peaches
12. spinach

NOTE: the 2nd and 3rd items are the first fruits besides bananas that we start feeding babies!!! Take a big hint and buy buy buy ORGANIC.
The list is NOT LIMITED to those 12, but also contains these: MILK, PEANUT BUTTER, BABY FOOD, KETCHUP, BEEF. Also, always remember to pinch off the last inch of the banana, where the little black stem is, that is the portion which absorbs pesticides.
I also want to point out that I gave up on Whole Foods while I was pregnant because they had such a small selection of organic produce, I was appalled. They never had organic potatoes either! My sister agrees with their serious lack of organic produce and had noticed the potato thing too in Allston. (Boston). So see ya never Whole Paycheck! I am very happy to spend my hard earned money at the McCarren Park Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8am-3pm. And for that matter, Farmers Markets are the best. no check out lines, no aisles, just bins of freshly harvested produce and fruits. You're in the sunshine, you breath air under huge trees, you clamor over a bin of huge heirloom tomatoes, talk to the growers...its great. And Siena is always super content to take a stroll to the park. As I am to get some exercise and munch on some peaches and nectarines.
take care! eat well! and be happy
you Brooklyn Eco mama,

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