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Daily Eco: How Are YOU Saving Green In This Insane Economy!?

In this insane economic time, money is on all of our minds. There's not much we can do about the big things (you know, that 70 billion) but we can make small changes at home. Spend wisely, it's not only ecomically a good choice but an environmental one too.

Groceries should be purchased when needed, don't buy and toss, it's a habit we all do, purchasing food we think we'll eat only to find we need to toss it later as it goes bad. Think about your upcoming meals, plan them out and use what you buy.

Evaluate you're upcoming bills, how can you reduce them, can you cut out somethings? I am cutting our HBO/Showtime today, it's a small reduction yes, but it's the first step to cutting back. Can you adjust your thermostat, lower the level of your fridge so it isn't working so hard to keep your food cold (a little change won't ruin your food, so don't worry!) or can you reuse those dryer sheets to save a few pennies here and there!

It all adds up, that's my point! How are YOU saving green, both in your wallet and for the environment?

I'm excited to hear about it, so comment away!!

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Green Bob said...

Use non-polluting "old time" cleaning solutions like vinegar, ammonia, baking soda. In most cases they are at least as effective (sometimes more effective) than the stuff on the grocery shelf.