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Eco-Wedding Countdown: I'll Toast To That

Well, we are 12 days away here and it's getting a bit insane! Here's our latest green wedding tip.

Go for organic wines, beers and liquor if possible. Speak up, ask for those options to be given to you, if you like the taste, go with it! Spotlight those choices at your wedding by displaying them prominently, show off your eco-ness you savvy couple! Another option, if applicable is going with local brews/wines. Brooklyn Brewery is local for us, and we're planning on serving up their beer at our wedding. We are still finalizing our lists, but going local was an easy choice!

Square One Vodka is an organic vodka that I've reviewed here in an earlier post. Check that post out, but searching for "Square One Vodka" in the search bar (search my blog, not the whole web).

There are many organic wines out there, do your research, speak to the local wine shop and you'll see how easy it is, and how good you'll feel.

Happy Toasting!

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