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Eco-Bella DIY Spa Treatment

BellaSugar is one of my favorite sites, and they recently posted a DIY spa treatment I can't wait to make myself! (I love all the sites, popsugar, citizensugar, bellasugar, yumsugar, fitsugar, etc....) Of course swap the ingredients below with the organic variety, store in an old jar and bam, you've eco-fyed it! Oh, take it one step further and make some for a friend, cause you know, sharing is eco-friendly too!

Here's the info and link below:

Here's what you'll need:
3/4 cup coffee beans1 tablespoon olive oil2 tablespoons vanilla extract1/3 cup brown sugar1 teaspoon ground cloves
Step 1: Put coffee beans, powdered clove and brown sugar in a coffee grinder.Step 2: Grind coarsely, put in empty tub or Tupperware container and mix a little more.Step 3: Add vanilla and oil and mix. Feel free to add more olive oil, but do it slowly, as it's easy to go overboard!
By being able to control the sizes of the particles in the scrub, you decide how rough you want it. The oil really does the trick in terms of keeping your limbs smooth. I shaved after using it, and my legs are super-smooth and soft, so don't be afraid to keep it a little chunky. (check here for pics and more details!)

Also, I am sure you'll fall in love with the site like I did!

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