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Eco-Mama: The Plastic Diaries

As we find ourselves in the busy throws of September, with back to school shopping frenzies, back to work, needing "supplies" etc, we find that it may be a very difficult month to do something I am doing: I am on a plastic strike! For the whole month of September.I am going to see how hard it is to keep from bringing plastic items into my home for the whole month. So far, I am not totally free. I will at some point this month attempt an average number of plastic items that already live in my home. I know I will be sickened by it.
Here's a few examples, listed by day, of little things that can be easily or very difficult to avoid.Sept 2nd: I purchased a gallon of Poland Spring water. This one is really tough, if like me, you purchase your water, its unavoidable. If anyone knows how to get gallons any other way please let me know.On that same day I also picked up a pint of Ben 'n' Jerry's ice cream. On the container is a plastic sealant. Not to mention how many times I had to say: "I don't need a bag" when I purchased both mentioned items! I swear people are so used to swiping and bagging your item at the stores that they almost don't hear you say it. I end up feeling rude by the time I have repeated myself 2-3 times, each time saying it louder.Sept 6th: I bought Ronny Brook ice cream at the Farmer's Market in McCarren park, sans plastic sealant! yay. No new plastic in home, just re-used plastic bags I already had to put my produce in to carry home.
Some items that will live in your home for awhile, then be thrown out to buy yet another plastic item to replace the old one with: BRITA water filters. Plastic shopping bags. Yogurt containers/ most drinks. Pens. Most packaged food items. Clothing (the little things that attach the price tag to the clothing) If you don't use Nature Baby Care diapers, then all the packaging for the diapers and wipes. Magazine subscriptions sent in plastic wrap. Miscellaneous mail. Tape on the boxes used to ship items you purchase online.
I stopped buying plastic kitchen garbage bags, I have (as pictured) a pile of plastic bags from shopping for food/clothing that have been sitting in my closet. Now I am using those as garbage bags. I also don't purchase the blue recycling bags. I hand carry my items to recycle down to the bin out front and toss em in, sans bag. whats the point of recycling if we are sending those items off inside a plastic bag?
More to come! this is an ongoing always, your Brooklyn Eco Mama,Mariah

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taynnee said...

Plastic shopping bags drive me crazy. I do use them for garbage bags, but I go shopping more often then I use them. So I bought two cloth bags. One at the grocery store and one off line at from a chick whom makes reusable shopping bags. It was only $18 shipped to me. Not bad at all and it's really cute!