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Vegan Footwear Can Be Sexy

I know what you're thinking, huh? We're all making the effort to reduce our meat consumption in order to lessen our impact on the environment, we're sourcing better quality meat be it organic and grass fed, or local and humanly raised (hopefully all of those things) but what about your footwear? Or did you forget that?

Leather is a HUGE huge industry, especially in the handbag and footwear department. It's time to seek better options. Vegan footwear may be harder to find, but isn't everything great worth seeking out?

Olsen Haus is your new favorite designer and your new favorite shoe shop

Check out her bio (pulled from site):
From her work experience in Malaysia, Italy, South American and Asia—to her African safari, the gal has some perspective. On the East Coast, she has been the Creative Director at Tommy Hilfiger and designed for Calvin Klein, Bulga, Nine West, Jodi Arnold MINT, and many others. On the West Coast, she's worn the shoes of a print and ad-campaign stylist, and commercial and film stylist.

Check out her site/shop here!


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