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Starbucks Going Green, But is it Enough?

Supporting Starbucks has always been something that weighed on my mind. I admit I drink their coffee, I like it. I drink their cheapest drink mind you, iced coffee. I totally understand how insane it is to spend $5 bucks on a latte, but you know what, that's pretty much anywhere today. So the question remains, is supporting your local Starbucks a bad thing?

I often feel like it is, but at the same time I get annoyed that I feel that way. I would love to support my local cafes, but once summer ends they all stop making iced coffee, forcing me to pay extra for a hot version "over ice" which let me tell you, never tastes the like real thing (as the ice melts immediately and causes you to have a nice watered down morning cuppa joe, ew, no thanks). That being said, I drink iced coffee EVERY DAY, doesn't matter how cold it is out, that's what gloves are for in my opinion!

While Starbucks is a large company and the neighborhood cafe is who I really should be supporting I just can't justify ordering a coffee I don't want just to support. Don't get my wrong, I don't eat at Starbucks, I eat at my local cafes, but for my morning coffee, I get what I want, and I shouldn't feel bad about it.

I just read an article about Starbuck's attempts to green their outposts, it was interesting and great to see they care, but the question remains, is it enough to turn those non-believers. Are they just greenwashing us?

Starbucks plans to boost the sense of local community into specific locations, working in reclaimed wood, repurposed decor and local touches to their shops. In addition they are seeking LEED certification for all of their company-owned stores beginning next year. Check out the article for more information here!

In addition they serve and sell shade grown fair trade coffee, promote reusable cups and provide organic soy milk. But of course at the same time they still have single use sugars and single packaged straws, so the battle continues.

What do you think about all of this?


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MMMM Starbucks is sooo good!

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