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Surf's Up Dude

While many of us can only drool at the thought of spending the day catching waves at the beach, many of us are lucky enough to live driving distance to the big blue ocean. What better time to rethink your summer purchases and check out a more eco-friendly surf board!

Grain SurfBoards makes beautiful boards out of Northern White Cedar with a bit of Western Red Cedar for color. They use wood from sustainable forestry professionals, meaning also that they are supporting small family-owned sawmills. Snap!

And while the boards seem slightly heavier on land, in the water this turns directly into momentium....sounds good to me.

And if wood surfboards still seem odd to you, remember surf boards were originally made of wood, not so crazy now eh?

And if I do say so myself, they are pretty gorgeous to look at. Now if only I could have the drive to learn to surf.....


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