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Summer Project

I've had an idea for a while, and someday I might get it together to make it happen....maybe you can attack this project quicker than me!

A group Yard/Stoop/Garage Sale! Often we think we don't have enough to make it worth while, but pool your stuff together and boom, huge sale! Have someone bake some organic brownies or cookies to sell, whip up a few batches of fresh squeezed lemonade and you've got yourself a great weekend!

Here's how I would go about it.

1. Send out an email to a group of friends (who can continue by inviting their pals too), try to decide who's got the best digs to set up shop, aka the best lawn, stoop or most foot traffic.

2. Start cleaning out your home!

3. Pick up price tags and a package of sharpies/markers in as many shades as those selling, each person/couple/household gets a color. That way at the end of the day you can divide the cash to the appropriate recipient.

4. Designate jobs, someone to be in charge of the cash, set up, food sales etc.

5. Organize displays, who's got folding chairs, easy to transport tables etc.

6. Advertise, on craigslist, on facebook, mass emails and lots and lots of posters!

HAVE FUN and make some cash!!! Resell and reuse, make that your motto! Clean house and feel good about it. And whatever you don't sell, donate to charity!

Go forth! Sell!


1 comment:

Monique said...

I just had a yard sale! :) Did pretty good too! Wish I would have read this before. :)