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Awaiting Bunny's Arrival

With only a few weeks (9!) to go before our little eco-bunny arrives I've been working hard on gathering all of her (and my) needs so I can focus on all things HER when she arrives and not have to worry about what she's needing me to pick up. I am in love with the nesting phase, as Kevin and I just moved in June, I am finally able to put those dreams to fruition and go crazy!

I am quite particular with baby clothing, I adore baby clothing, but not just any baby clothing! People can give you whatever their hearts desire, and it is appreciated with open arms, but for me, falling in love with an butter soft pale colored romper provides me with more joy than anything.

I've been working hard to stay eco-friendly with all of my baby shopping, and by eco, I mean that in 2 ways, ecological and economical. It can be done, you just need patience and lots of time. And since I've been shopping for baby since the day we found out, I am doing pretty well. Here are some of my tips for how to keep your wallet full and your baby earth friendly!

1. Hand Me Downs!!! I can't emphasize this enough, getting your friends/relatives to send you hand me downs from their children couldn't be better. Emotionally it's meaningful to put your newborn in something that has been loved before, increasing the memories and life of the item is a great way to stretch your budget and reuse! So go ahead and ask, they may be tossing anyway!

2. Used baby clothing stores, I know I live in NYC and have access to a lot, but take the time to seek this out wherever you live. We have 2 baby specific used clothing stores here that have supplied at least half of our arsenal. We found organic cotton items in both and I can't tell you how excited I was to find items I knew I couldn't afford new for only a few bucks.

3. Vintage baby clothes, I just came across the most beautiful and amazing baby & child vintage clothing website. Now, I warn you, it ain't cheap, but my oh my do I want it all!!! The site is Belle Heir. **Pics in this post are from their site! To die for!

4. Etsy! Support small local artisans by picking up baby goods on the site, there is a ton to choose from.

5. Shop eco brands like Kicky Pants, Kate Quinn Organics, Gerber Organics, BabySoy and Kee Ka Organic Clothing.

6. Think about your purchases, do you really need it? There is a lot of baby items we think we need (bottle warmer etc) that we really don't. Ask around, lots of new parents will be eager to tell you what they DIDN'T use!

7. Research your brands, find a cheap and eco-brand of detergent (often eco-friendly unscented detergent is perfect, no need to spend extra for another bottle that is designed for baby), seek out skincare you can afford that is full or natural and organic ingredients. We are starting with Method Baby & Weleda. All are priced close to the chemical laden big name brands.

8. Choose eco (and baby!) friendly paint for your apartment, we picked up an $8 gallon at Loews! Easy as pie

9. Breastfeed if possible, no wasted containers there!

10. Choose organic cotton or bamboo sheets for baby, if you can't afford an organic mattress that's okay, make your dollar work for you with the sheets, it's what they will be laying on right!

More to come.....


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