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USDA Finally Admits Link Between Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals and Human Health

I would like to file this one under 'Duh' to be honest. We stuff our farmed animals with tons upon tons of antibiotics so that they can live in the horrific conditions we force upon them and we expect there to be no link in our growing resistance to antibiotics? It's amazing to me that this article is recent news, but here's the article anyway...



Anonymous said...

HI, I was just searching and saw your blog. Very interesting. I'm 64 years old, raised on a farm when I was younger. We never saw the illnesses, and the spread of Cancer as we did when the government got into setting standards. Our meat was grain fed and healthy. Our vegetables were fresh, and didn't have all the additives to make them grow, and they were wonderful. If we had a bad year, it was expected, but the next usually was pretty good.

My advice: Never wait on the government for anything, be they admissions or support. Never be surprised what comes out of Washington either.

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