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The Little Seed Launches at Target! Yay!

The Little Seed launches at Target! If you don't already know about Soleil Moon Frye's The Little Seed website & store you just must get your butt over to it. Full of eco-friendly and purely lovely items for all the eco-chic babies out there.

This recent collaboration with Target is proof to me that organics are here to stay, this isn't a fad people! Parents are speaking up and shouting, we want to keep our babies safe and we want their planet to be safe as well. It's time to pull our your wallets and support the cause, buy organic, for your kiddos, your friends, your neighbors or yours to be someday! Go to the Target website and check it out for yourself, or get to your local store today and stock up. Full of uber-soft onsies, blankets and more you can't go wrong with this bright and colorful basics, all SUPER affordable too. On sale from now until October 16th.


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