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Have a rummage night (or week in our case). Kevin and I have been having rummage night for years now, where we eat "whatever" in an effort to reduce food waste and save money. This week we are extending that to rummage week! So far we've roasted up a ton of veggies we had in the fridge, yummy frozen veggie presses from Trader Joe's, nachos and black bean quesadillas (which Juliette loved too I might add) and tonight we're serving up some tortellini, yum! I know it's going to get less exciting by week's end but we were on a mission to lesson our weekly grocery spending and do a real clean out. If that means we'll be having scrambled eggs and popsicles by Friday, so be it.

So get to it! Come up with lots of random, rummaged meals, you're walled and the earth will thank you. Plus then you can restock full of fresh and delicious goodies when you're finished cleaning house!


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