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Just Picked Up: Eco-Tools Pouf

I'm starting a new posting theme called "Just Picked Up" where I let you all know my latest eco-purchase. I'll give a mini review too! Obviously being eco-friendly is consuming less, blah blah blah. Sorry, while I totally believe in that concept, I do know that my husband, my daughter and I need things, lots of things! In our house we've really scaled back our purchases and done a great job of ridding ourselves of most of the excess (donating, selling and giving away), but we still have shopping lists and grocery lists and want lists. So yes, stay away from the mega buying desires to lead an eco-friendly life, but enjoy your purchase power. You have the power to really show the world what you want and how you want to spend your money. I love showing a store's buyer with my purchase that I want organic, natural, local and recyclable items! Makes me feel empowered.

Out for a walk with Juliette in the already 95+ degree heat (global warming anyone?!) this morning had us ducking into shop after shop to soak up the free air conditioner. I did pick up a new shower sponge from EcoTools who make great eco-friendly beauty products such as makeup brushes (I've got 2 myself and love them). What makes this bath sponge earth friendly? They are made with 100% recycled plastic, love this! Less than $2 bucks I couldn't be happier! Pick up one for yourself at your local drug store.



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